Wanna know about other cultures

Hey guys Im just a random girl who loves episode stories n wants to learn about different cultures. :kissing_heart::slightly_smiling_face:

I’m Salvadoreña.
And that means I grew up in a very traditional family. Meaning that men play the role as head of the family and main provider. Women work as hard in their wife/motherly duties as they do in their jobs.
Family is everything.
Even if we fight or disagree on everything, if one of us is in any kind of need, we are there for each other.
We are a very proud people. Proud of our culture and food, as well as just being pridefilled individuals which can sometimes be a problem when dealing with others.
Elders are to be respected at all times.
Tattoos and body piercings are seen as distasteful therefore they most be covered when around older family members.
We work hard and we fight for each other.
We mainly speak Spanish.
We also have our own slang just like any other culture.


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