Wanna make some characters?

For a scene, I need about 10+ nameless background characters. Preferably with an equal amount of male and female characters. This scene is set in a nightclub, so go nuts with the outfits! :ok_hand:t5: :ok_hand:t5:

LETRAS, ARTE Y ORIGINALIDAD: ¡A BAILAR! ¡CON MUCHO RITMO! | Aesthetic gif, Nightclub aesthetic, Night club aesthetic

Every character will be 21+ in the scene.

I’ll be happy to credit you if you want to be!

Any fit

Would you want this exact outfit in the story?

Whatever is easier for you! I don’t mind :blush:

Extras: Freckles heavy 8-10 and Pace Maker Scar Scar
I’ll come back and edit this post with an outfit :slightly_smiling_face:


I still need a few male characters! :hugs::hugs:


Top-Square Cut Rolled Sleeve Tee Cotton Abstract Black White
Jacket-Leather Jacket Faded Patch Cotton Grey Black
Bottom-Metal Embellished Buckle Slacks Wool Grey Black
Boots-Lace Up Hiking Boots Leather Grey Black
Accessories-Hoop Earring Silver Line Metal Gold Silver.
D J Headphones Grey Black.
+Beauty Mark Mole Cheek.

Eyes-Deepset Upturned
Eyes Color-Brown Sand
Nose-Straight Flat
Lips-Thin Heart
Lips Color-Neutral Medium Nude Gloss
Face-Square Sculpted
Brow-Round Thin
Brow Color-Black Dark
Body-Male Generic Body
Skin-Gold 05
Hair-Locs Updo Hair
Hair Color-Black Dark


Top-Faded Vintage Band T Shirt Cotton Grey Cool
Jacket-Camo Windbreaker Hoodie Cotton Camo
Bottom-Belted Multipocket Pants Cotton Grey Black
Boots-Ankle Boots Lace Up Leather Purple Raven
Accessories-Large Studs Plastic Grey Black.
Ring Necklace Metal.


Eyes-Wide Defined
Eyes Color-Blue Deep
Nose-Grecian Narrow
Lips-Medium Heart
Lips Color-Pink Peach Medium Matte
Face-Chiseled Angular Stubble
Brow-Arched Soft
Brow Color-Blackjet
Body-Male Generic Body
Skin-Neutral 03
Hair-Half Up Locs Long Hair
Hair Color-Platinum Ice

You can use mine :))

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Would you perfer this exact outfit in the story?

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Yeah sure or any will be fine :))

Would you mind telling me what clothes you used?

I’ll send it in a min.