Wanna read my published story? 💋


Hey guys! Thanks for 70+ reads, who else would like to read my story? <3
Genre ~ Romance
Art Type ~ Ink
Style ~ Cinematic
MC ~ Rebekah, female, lesbian. (Customizable except colours)
Love Interest(s) ~ 1, her name is Liberty. (Customizable except colours)
This is a Pride story. Homophobes back the f*** away!
Bad language/mature scenes ~ Language yes, maturity a little bit.

Here’s the link! ~

Thank you so much if you give it a try!! :heart_eyes:


I’ll totally if it isn’t deleted!:heart:


Sorry don’t do lgbt :sleeping:


It isn’t :blush:


how come? :slight_smile:


Yeah I don’t supported at all
but if I can help u read other story that is not that type
I’ll gladly read it


wow. I’m highly offended. :worried: I’m not just a supporter I’m actually part of the community since I’m bisexual.


Hmpt. I did not offend you…I just said I don’t supported at all ( just because I don’t supported it is not an offense ) so?..hmpt not thinkin like you is not an offense…
But as I said if you have another story dat does not involve lgtb
i can read it


I’m offended because you don’t support my community.


Can we all just get along…and move on with our lives :slight_smile:


now you’r saying I HAVE TO support what i don’t feel like or think like supporting? hmpt that doesn’t sound nice


i never said that :woman_facepalming:


You said I’m offended because you don’t spport my comunitty
How is not supporting ofensive?


Everyone please :stop_sign:


nevermind. just please stop replying now.


@Geowrites, I’d be more than happy to give your story a read. It sounds great! :two_hearts:

(I meant to reply to Geo, whoops)


Thank you!!


I was about to start singing “let it go” if everyone didn’t let it go…AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA (cricket cricket) ok just me good talk everyone


That was just so intolerant