Wanna win an edit?! OUTLINE CONTEST

Hey episodians!
I’m Lady Cannella, my group “Epimaniacs” and I are hosting an outline contest!
Are you an artist and want to express your abilities?
This is the contest for you!

You’ll just have to follow some basic rules:

:boom: You must follow the group “@epimaniacs” on Instagram (if you don’t have an account no problems, you’ll just have to follow the other rules)
:boom: if you post the edit on Instagram tag me (@lady_cannella_episode) and the group (@epimaniacs) and check out the contest post
If you don’t have Instagram just tag me when you post on the forum your edit
Don’t forget to use the #epimaniacscozywinter !
:boom: This outline has been made by me so no stealing nor tracing!!!
:boom: The two versions of the outline will be available on Instagram or in THIS LINK

These are the two versions: “Cozy winter”

:dagger: Be creative and be you!
:dagger: Don’t steal nor trace!
:dagger: Remember the rules
:dagger: Deadline: 31st of January

:trophy: Prizes :trophy:

:1st_place_medal:1st: an edit of your choice (as
many characters as you want)⠀

:2nd_place_medal: 2nd: an edit with 1 character (whole, feets up) or an edit of maximum 2 characters (waist up)

:3rd_place_medal: 3rd: a profile picture (shoulders up)

Feel free to tag anyone who you think will be interested.

@MayLaugh @amepisode @Turtle_Cat


Oooh, sounds like fun! Mind if I try? (I don’t have an Instagram)


Entering !


Go ahead dear :hugs:

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I’m glad to hear this :wink:



Im gonna enter

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I’m gonna join as well

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I would love to join!

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It’s been a while since last time I joined an outline contest. I’m entering this one :heart:

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Thank you all so much! Can’t wait to see your amazing entries :heart_eyes:

It took me forever but the outcome was awesome


Thank you so much for entering! So cozy :heart_eyes::hugs:

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I’ll enter! Or at least I’ll try, I might be a bit busy because of school.

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Entering :slight_smile:

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I really can’t wait to see all of your amazing entries :heart_eyes::heart:

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I hope it’s ok that I enter, I don’t normally participate in Episode related OC but your outline is beautiful! :eyes: I don’t have IG



@Alexis00 @PerplexedJam @Blue01.episode

Girls, your entries are amazing! Do you mind if I share it in our IG story at epimaniacs? (I will mention your guy’s forum name of course! :slight_smile: )