Wanna work on the new creator's contest?

I wanna work on the new creator’s contest and want someone who is really good at directing mostly overlays and yes I am also very good at directing just a little lousy at overlays and I wanted to join the adventurous contest but I couldn’t cause I had exams and today they are done and I have two weeks completely free and obviously will write after that but Ill write as much as I can these two weeks so please if there’s anybody like that please contact me in Instagram I’ll give you my username if you reply to this. It can be a team with more than two people it doesn’t matter!
Please reply guys as soon as possible!


Are you asking to do a collab or just Help?

I’m pretty good At overlays


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Let me know if you would like help still, maybe with future projects.

Yeah I’ll like help and yes in future projects can you give me your IG if you have one?