Wanna write a thriller story together..? Join me for writing an amazing thriller story

Hello, Friends. I am back after so many days. New update on Contest by Episode has just arrived. As you all know. I am thinking of making an amazing story to enter this contest…!!!
Wanna enter with me? I am looking for a partner who will work with me to make an amazing story. Come, let’s have fun making this story and let us be friends…:grinning::grinning:

Anyone interested can PM me here or Reply down below. Or can also DM me on my Instagram ID. i.e @shona_episode.
Looking forward to making new friends and working together.
I am not a new writer. I have experience in basic coding and also writing scripts and an outline of the story is my specialty. I am open to any idea. I can make covers and video edits.
-With Love Shona.


Hello :slight_smile: I’m interesting ^^
So tell me if you find someone or not and if you need something from me to know if I can be a good writing partner :slight_smile:

So you are intested? Contact me on Insta so we can discuss further…

Anyone else Intrested?

i can

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I can help too, if you would like!

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Contact me on my Instagram so we can discuss further…

Contact me on my Instagram for further discussion…

Also if you guys don’t have Instagram… then PM here in Forum… So we can talk privately and discuss :heart_eyes:

I have an idea for a thriller story! DM me at redwrites.episode on Instagram for details!


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Hi, I ll be interested to help you.
Also i need a writing partner too.

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Contact me on Instagram… @shona_episode

I ll figure it out with Instagram. Then I ll msg you!

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Sure…:heartpulse: Looking forward to work with you…:grin:

I am super interested in this!! I’ve been looking for a good Episode thriller, and then I realized, why not just make one? I have a bit of experience with Episode, been writing since 2017 or so :slight_smile: SO pumped right now!


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