Wanna write a whole new story together?

Want to write a story buttttt J WOULD LIKKEE someone that ALSO can help with ideas and coding and just making the whole story together! Looking for someone that like doesn’t say yes and bales out ppfff


Hi there. Curently I’m writing a story, but I have many ideas that I would like to create a story about.I would love to have a partener and I think it would be awesome!


Hey, I’m currently working on a limelight story and it’s pretty brand new as chapter 1 has not been completed yet. I’m looking for a writing partner if your interested give me a message on here or my instagram @alishaepisode and I’ll gladly discuss the details with you!

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Yeah I posted this before that

Heyy im working on a story also. I need a little help tho. I cant came up with a good story plot. Maybe we could help each other?

If you’d like I can help you, but I have kind of planed my story already and I really don’t want to change it.