Wanna write with me? I can code pretty well

Can someone please help me? I am going to create a thriller story called the Babysitter it’s about a 15 year old boy who is a high school sophomore. His sister sets him up with 2 babysitting candidates. The one that does not get chosen does not take it well. She puts the Boy, the babysitter, his 17 year old senior in high school girlfriend and his sisters lives in jeopardy. I already have character names. The dangerous babysitter- Dana. The good babysitter- Avery. The Boy- Tommy. The Girlfriend- Jaime The sister- Lena

I really need help with coding. Also maybe help with creating outfits.

It will be episode ink style

hi so everyone who wanted to write with me thanks for showing your interset.
I’ll be writing with @Ham.hmn coz our interests match a lot
once again thank you everyone

Can someone co write a story with me and do some coding?