Want a brand new cover for your story (Request Closed)

Looking for someone to make a cover for you or an episode profile picture art/art scene/splashes,Request Now!! I’ll be making covers and even episode profile arts/art scenes/splashes for free,just give me credit when you use them.All you need to do is:

:star: Like this post
:star: Fill the form in my linktree
:star: Wait for the approval message of your request that I’ll send to you,letting you know whether your request is accepted or not.

:star: Read first three chapters of my story Mr Bond’s Murder.
:star: Send me the Screenshot of the story completion status of the first three episodes as a proof.
:star: Make sure you use what I draw for you (because I don’t want to waste my time on something that won’t be used)
:star: And the last thing be patient and you’ll get your order soon.
:star: Any request without filling the form won’t be accepted!!!

To get a cover/art scene/profile picture art without the watermark kindly send me a screenshot of your story,your Instagram etc where you are giving me credit.Here’s a cover example I drew for someone.If you use Instagram you may find more on my page @xxmystery.writesxx but it’s no longer in use.Make sure you tag me if you repost it on Instagram.


Link to all my art examples and the request forms.


Hi, I’m not requesting anything right now but I just wanted to say your example art is really good! :blush:

Thank you so much @WinterMoon05 :blush:

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I will request soon

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Hii Im making a new story called midnight can you make a cover for me pls?

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Hey my story is called “Totally Bad” it’ll be cool if u can make me a cover

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@Phena Please fill the form in my linktree that you’ll find in my profile if you want a cover and same to you. @AM7777777 :slight_smile:


Small and Large Cover Requested by @Elle91,Don’t Steal I drew them.


When will you be open again?

Small and large Covers requested by @Vuldka drawn by me.

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Cover Request are currently open.

Ohhh im gonna request your artwork is amazing

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Hey, I think your covers are amazing, and I would like one too;
I want the character to be done by ART.
So that is how the character looks like:
And the story information goes like this:

[MUST HAVE] Title name: Hate of Debate
[OPTIONAL] Author name: Frumkin
[MUST HAVE] Cover size: Small
[OPTIONAL] Cover size: Big

The character that I mentioned before MUST be in the cover made by ART.

Oh, and I will write the description so that you will be able to under more how the cover would look:

“As a popular girl, everyone will judge everything you do, but once a hated new girl comes to school, only you would want to stop hate from her, but you are scared that people will start hating you too.”

Thank you so much, I would really appreciate it if you’ll make me a cover art!

Also I’ll give you credit in my story if I would use your cover, thank you!

Thank you, please fill the form to request.

Hey please fill the form in my linktree which you’ll find in my bio to request, then only I’ll be able to accept your request.

Art scene requested by @EpisodeAfra.Hope you like it.


Hey!! I absolutely love your covers!! When will you be open again?? @MysteryMaker

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Thank you and I’ll open request once I complete the current ones. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Art scene requested by @NDWrites
Scroll down to see Close up