Want a buddie partner for my stories for backgrounD's

I want someone who can help me for background pls I want my background realistic or can anyone give me some easy way to make :sweat_smile: Or partner for story?:sweat_smile:

No one will help me?:sob:

I can be you partner of writing and I can do coding as well
If you want partner
Instagram account- ashnoor350

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Thanku Buddie :sob::pleading_face:

Hey send me link I didn’t found you

Tell me your insta I’d

Hey I want buddy partner for bg’s😭 please is anyone there to help me with my story bg

No one will help me?

I can do backgrounds! My Instagram is mini.episode.writer

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Can you give me examples please

I can make outfits if you are interested

hey I want bg! not outfits but I want to see your example :slightly_smiling_face::face_with_monocle:

so give me some examples!