Want a edit? Read below :D closed for now till l catch up

HEY GUYS! I’m new to this episode forum I’m Mixer I’m the author of CD: Sweet and nice anyway!
So l do edits if you guys want a edit from me all you have to do is…

  1. Comment your ig username cause l will be making you a edit
  2. Please be patient. I can’t do edits for everyone
  3. And leave your character details below l can only do a pfp request.
    And thank you for your patience! :blush: :smile:

of course l will send some through! :blush:

here you go! This is a edit of skarlet from Attracted to the nerd!:heartpulse::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes! And what is the details in this picture?

okay, so is any bg fine?

okay l will send it to you on here once I’m done and if you want to send me your ig just ask! :blush:

Could you please make me a winter/Christmas themed pfp? Your work is gorgeous oml :heart_eyes:


Body: Light
Brows: Medium Angled
Hair: Straight in Fawn
Eyes: Upturned Bold in Green
Face: Oval
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Full Round in Blush

I don’t have a particular background, pose, or outfit in mind, so feel free to do whatever you’d like!

My ig is goth.gaia (I’m not really active on it though lol)

Thank you in advance! :revolving_hearts:

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aww thank you! and l will start on it when l have time! But l will get it done! :blush:

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No worries, take all the time you need! :grin::sparkling_heart:

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Could I get an art scene?

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Sorry! I don’t take art scenes but l can do a pfp edit if you would like?

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Oh, I was going to ask for an art scene but it’s fine! Btw, you have very beautiful artwork! I’ll bookmark it just in case. :+1:t5: I also don’t wanna add much more to your plate when I don’t really need a pp. :heart:

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okay and thank you but if you would like a edit my ig is @Epymixer if you would like a edit one time! :blush:

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Ok, thanks!

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Your art is beautiful!
Can I get a pfp?
Here are my details, can I have a LL one

Any pose and theme is fine.

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Thank you and of course l will get it done in a couple of days!:heartpulse::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey! I would love an edit from you! You are so talented! My ig : Epi.rawan !
Character Details:
Face : Oval
Skin : Light
Eyes ; Round classic (Taupe)
Mouth : Classic (Rose)
Eyebrows : Defined natural
Nose : Soft Natural
Hair : High Ponytail (Black)

I would appreciate it so much if you could do me an edit!!! XOXO

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Hey, if you’re still doing edits, I’d love if u could make me one
My ig name is episode_firestar

Character details LL

Body: Cooper 02
Brow: Arched Thick Styled
Hair: Long Feathered
Eyes: female Generic (Brown Black)
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Broad
Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Rose Matte)


  • Frayed Cut off Shorts Denim grey Black
  • Ring long chain necklace metal rose gold
  • strapped accented watch face brown sable
  • crop tank undershirt silk green teal
  • heeled close toed ankle boot suede grey black
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Hello! my insta is max_sedman.

character details

body: gold 02
eyebrows: round medium (dark brown)
Hair: crew cut (dark brown)
Eyes: round downturned wide (blue green)
Face: round soft
Nose: round button
Mouth: medium thin (beige light gold matte)



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Hey just wondering if you would be alright to do this for fun :slight_smile:

Girl on left in Green:
Body: Toffee
Brow: Defined natural
Hair: High ponytail black
Eyes: Round classic (hikory)
Face: Oval
Nose: Refined
Lips: Classic (taupe)

Girl in Center. The One in Red
Body: Light orce
Brow: Classic natural
Hair: Long feathered (black)
Eyes: Almond classic (hikory)
Face: Oval
Nose: Pointed
Lips: Classic slender (blush)

Girl with the Purple Head Gear
Body: Dark
Brow: Mature round
Hair: Fishtail braid (black)
Eyes: Almond mature (hikory)
Face: Oval
Nose: Perky
Lips: Full round (dark)

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