Want a role in my friends' upcoming Cyberpunk Fantasy story?

Hey everyone!
My friends and I are in the process of creating a group story together, and we’d love some extra side/background characters!
All information you will need is on this form:

Please keep in mind that if a lot of people submit characters, there may not be enough spots for minor roles, and we’d have to just start making background characters.

If you have any questions about the story itself or anything related to what’s on the form, feel free to DM me individually on instagram: @crimsoncat6_episode :v:


If you want to just get a handle on the rules and things look for a free pre-made low level adventure and just take it slow and learn the rules; in person is better yeah. A session 0 where you all sit down and make your characters would be really good as-well, I’m guessing you’d be the dm as you’re more familiar than the others.