Want an edit done in INK? {OPEN}

Skin tone: Light
Face shape:Soft Heart
Eyebrow: Classic Natural
Nose: Soft Natural
Eyes: Upturned bold, white
Lips: classic, blush
Hair: straight, auburn

Blue Ballerina Tulle Skirt
Country Chic Earrigngs
Gold Sequin Crop Top
80s Couture Hair Bow

Pose: Selfie

@Milktoast hope you like it!

Oh my god, that is beautiful!! Thank you. I will be sure to credit you.

Thank you!

skin: taupe
brows: mature round
hair: straight, auburn
eyes: upturned feline, toffee
face: round
nose: elven
lips: full round, ruby red

thanks xx

@shweta_episode Done!

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Can you make me one


What app do you use i tried ibis x paint it wasn’t as good as this

I use ibis paint x. You’re character is in the limelight style. Sorry but I can’t do edits in limelight yet. If you’re having trouble finding the ink style, I can convert that to what it would look like in the ink style for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll look at tutorials this was my first edit

I wasn’t trying to give you a picture of what i want you to edit i made this edit i was saying that my edits wasn’t as good as yours



I think i figured it out thx



what editor do you use?

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okay imma just say… THIS IS BEAUTIFUL TYSM ILY

I use Ibis Paint X