Want any free drawn pfps or art? Come here

Hi guys
I have been doing drawn art during quarantine

I can not do custom poses yet
I am still a work in progress

All I need is your character details and pose from portal

Here are my examples :-

My art looks best when it’s till knee level


You can do whatever pose youd like to draw. Be creative! I love your examples.

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Thanks will do!

Hey! You can do and use her in anyway that you want, I’ll be happy with anything

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But if you want me to practice on it
I have another thread
You can text there
This thread is for requests only :blush:

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Here’s the link


ok! I usually put that there since im a little indecisive when it comes to poses, but whatever you have in mind works for me!

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Hey are your requests still open?

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Hi @amanaaattt I am not currently doing any drawn art, but if you want I could do edited art.

The link is in my bio

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Ok I requested you there!

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would it be possible for you to make me a ink and limelight character card?

hair: wavy asymmetrical black, or high coil bun, or other long curly voluminous hair styles
lips: full round ;pink cashmere
nose: round button
face shape: defined diamond
skin tone: copper 7
body type: generic
eyebrows: arched natural; dark black

eyes: upturned bold: taupe or toffee
skin tone: rosewood
eyebrows: seductive arch
mouth: full round: crimson
hair: beachwave or natural curls, black
face shape:oval

Hi I could do it
But could you post this in the link in my bio pls

Hey there,
Are you still making drawn art?
I’d like to request a pfp!

Im closing this one opening a new!
I’ll tag you if you want!

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I’d like that!
Thanks :blob_hearts:

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