Want Artwork Advice

The next story I write and upload, I want a better cover page. I love the one I created using Paint graphics, but I know I could’ve done better. Any suggestions on a computer app that I could use? Oh, and it has to downloadable for Windows. So, no Apple products. Thanks.


Have you tried out picsart?
You can also check this out if you’re interested in looking!

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I would highly recommend trying out Clipstudio Paint, however it’s a one time purchase! Though I believe there is a 3 month free trial if you’d like to test it out.

Paint Tool SAI is also a one time purchase and has a 31 day free trial, however I’ve heard it’s good. (I’ve never tried it myself)

Other than that, the most popular free softwares are MediBang Paint and Krita!

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okay thank you. Sydney, I appreciate your help.

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