Want me to make some FREE collages and splashes for you? Here's your day, the offer is only open from today until December 15th!

Still doubting my abilities? Well just look at this Collage I made for my story, “Ego:Temptation”

Cute right!
You can get a free collage or splash like this one for free. Reply now because I’m only taking 4 requests at once.

Be sure to leave

A full description of what you want.
If you don’t give me full details I wil drop your request and you’ll have to wait longer.
Also tell me the deadline so I know if I need to start your request first.


Peppa Pig

Splash Examples

Other Collages

Art Scenes

I’ve been practicing so I’m making these free so far only women! Sorry.

My Current Requests
1. ReannareannaMus



Your work is really good and I don’t wanna Coke off rude or anything but your Ego:Temptation splash is missing the p in Temptation and instead just reads as Temtation. Just thought you should know :pray:t2:

Lol Thanks, I didn’t realize!

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Do you have any more example of art scene @Sannia1

Also is you doing drawn for free?

My art scenes usually are done by friends and then we pass it on each other. They can be free just depends what it is,

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Oh :hushed:
Do your friends have example of their art ?

Sorry That was the only one but i’ll talk to her she loves doing this so I’ll get her to make examples!

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I’ll probably have it to you in a few hours or tomorrow but ahe can’t do faces or front view.

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It ok , I understand and Thanks you so much @Sannia1. When ever you get to talk to her about example

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Of course! And sorry

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oh :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: ok that alright .

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and it ok no problem