Want my Character to blush

Hi everyone, I know you need a blush overlay to begin with which I have. But I’m having trouble adding it in the game where there is a scene present. I want to add the overlay at the middle of my scene not at the beginning. I tried adding the same scene a second time to the part where I want the overlay to appear but it messes up everything. Is adding the overlay to a scene the only way to add the overlay? Or can I add it in the script by itself? Hope this makes sense.

Thanks! :confounded:

No you can actually add overlays during a scene

what a relief. How do you do that? :thinking:

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Okay so first thing is you need to do something like this

@overlay OVERLAY create
@overlay OVERLAY shift to x y in 0 in zone #
@overlay OVERLAY scales to % % in 0
@overlay OVERLAY opacity 1

#NOTE that you need to type in everything in order for it to appear


Ok I’m a little confused. The camera is at zone 2 right now and I can’t find the overlay so that I can spot direct and put in the coordinates you listed above.

this is what I have on my script

@overlay BLUSH create
@overlay BLUSH shift to x y in 0 in zone #
@overlay BLUSH scales to % % in 0
@overlay BLUSH opacity 1

Okay can you screen shot what you have right now?

Ah I see the problem

You’re not suppose to type “x, y, %, #” were just symbol’s so you can type where you want them to be

Right but how am I supposed to find the overlay? I can’t find it.

Use this overlay “RED COP LIGHT” that’s what most people use

That worked! thank you so much. One quick question can I make the overlay move with my char since she’s dancing and moving? Or does it has to stay still? :slightly_smiling_face:

You just need to type in …

@overlay OVERLAY shift to x y in 0

That pretty much it

Ok that makes perfect sense. Thank you so much for your help. I wish I could give you a like or something of appreciation, haha.

No problem happy to be an assistance :wink:

I’m having some issues with this it keeps saying "You have to put value(s) after using keyword. Or remove the last trailing whitespace. I’m confuseddd help please :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you show a screenshot of the problem

Hi! I know it’s 2 years later :sweat_smile: but I have the same problem. Here is the screenshot

Remove the double space bars in that coding in between “to” and “40” and the other one that’s is in between “34” and “in”. It won’t allow double space bars and will show up error :relaxed:

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