Want proof-reader (closed)

I really want someone to read my story before I publish it… Cuz Its my first story nd I m nervous about the fact that it myt not be interesting to readers.
I have completed 3.5 chapters… And after the 6 th chapter I will be publishing so I will send it right away after completing it​:heart::heart:

Genre fantasy


@Episode.Anika…. She’s amazing

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I can do it I though my reviews can be a bit harsh, if your interested

Hi, I’m up for proofreading your story! Check out my thread below for details. The covert art is beautiful btw :relaxed:

Ty for replying to me love. But I was looking who could do it free for me

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Thanks girl :innocent:
And I do proofread stories for free so I would be able to help you with that.
PM me if interested? :blob_hearts:


@khyra can help proofread your story faster in a day @silver.shade

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