Want Social Media Overlays/Backgrounds?

Hey, I can make you social media backgrounds/overlays for your story. Here are some examples:





I can also do messages, FaceTime, Facebook, tumblr, Netflix, iTunes, podcasts, news reports, tumblr, and tinder.

If you want something, let me know. Drop the details down below with a picture of what ever you want to be posted or caption or saying or whatever. (You get what I’m saying) k cool let me know if you want something.

EDIT: I also do custom lock screens. Can add notifications

Lock screen - @Oreste_Jackson
Instagram - @Oreste_Jackson
Snapchat - @Oreste_Jackson


Cool overlays! I’m loving it!

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Thanks :joy:

Hey sorry to be a downer but if you go look at the guidelines for “What can’t my story include” there is a section referring to this type of thing; * advertises for outside products or services, including but not limited to website links, reviews, and promotional language;


Yeah totally get that, I know. However if you don’t use the actual name of the site/app it’s okay, and if you don’t use their logo. For example, instead of saying “let’s post something to instagram” you would say “let’s post something to epigram” I used the real names in the post so people knew what I was talking about.


Ok all good, I just wanted to let you know, be horrible for you and for the people wanting something like this to go to all the trouble of making it and then it can’t be published.

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Nah all good mate! Got it sussed! Thanks for the concern!


can I request something?
but can I request tomorrow lol?
& can I also pm it? lol

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Sure :joy: What ever works for you!

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I saved this page for later!! :smile::smile:

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Awesome! Let me know when/if you need anything!

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Like my episode bio
It’s Bristi the 13 year old contumacious and vindictive tomboyish girl who has a passion in programming. I am a girl of eccentric habits and i never claim to be infallible or unerring. There is not a single person in this world who is not erroneous.

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Do you want an insta page?

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Okay sweet as I’ll get it to u asap

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could you do facetime, imessage & a tider profile for me? lmk && ill give u details <3

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should i pm you ? or say it here ??

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Whatever works for you

Few details I need to know. Do you want the account verified, how many followers, how many following, how many following, how many posts? Do you want to add a website, location, whatsapp status, or phone number?

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