Want someone who'll do the coding part for me!


I am a newbie as a writer. I can do the rest of things but I am stuck at the coding part, IS THERE ANYONE TO BE MY WRITING PARTNER AND DO THE CODING & DIRECTING STUFF FOR ME? PLEASE HELP. SOMEONE? ANYONE?


Hey! I love to code so I can help you if you want! And I can try to teach you too!


Many Many thanks. Shall I PM you my story link??


Yes sure!


Hey @Flav do you think you can help me too ? I have a story in romance I would love some help with.


@BadassSaasha Yes I could but I would need you to send me the stuff and give me your email so I can email it back to you.


Hi. I am sorry but I got someone else to do it already but I am currently working on another storyline and I will need a coder once I am done so I will contact you once I am done with that storyline. Thanks.


@BadassSaasha sure I would be fine with that I got really good at coding and I published my first story if you have heard about the story called Dragon-Fire Shadow Phoenix Pack I am the author and I would be happy to help new users with coding.


I am completely new to this and need some one to do the coding for me please.!!.


hi there! i don’t mind helping you out! my insta is iris.episodes if your interested


@Cherry_27 you said you need help?