Want to Appear in My Story? (Limelight)(90's Theme)(Hollywood)

Want you or your character to appear in my story?

My Story Plot

Claire was born in 1999. However, her mother passed away giving birth to her. Through unseen events Claire is thrown back into the past, 1991 to be exact; She wants to find her mother who’s a 90’s actress and A-list celebrity. She is enveloped in 90’s hollywood life of fashion, deception, and drama. Will Claire find love? Will she meet her mother? Follow Claire as she deals with entitled actors, aggressive 90’s models, and spiteful co-workers.

Look no further. I’m currently working on a story that takes place in the early 90’s and would like diversity in my story. What’s a better way of adding diversity than taking you guy’s characters. Chances are your character will be reoccuring or perhaps just a background character.
Either way I’ll be taking 99% of your submits and use them!

What I’m looking for!

  • Unique Features
  • Diverse Characters
  • Traits
  • 90’s inspired outfit
  • Unique backstory or occupation
  • Different Genders
  • Transgender Characters as well

You may simply upload the picture or details of your character. If you want a larger chance of your character being a reoccurring one or important figure then include a brief character storyline, traits, and occupation. The more detailed and unique the more likely I will use them as important characters in my story!

Please no Plain Janes or flawless characters. I want flaws and humanity!

Character Submit Template
Name: Jane Doe
Age: 20
Race/ethnicity: Native American
Religion: None
Traits: Rude, grounded, entitled, and artistic.
Likes: Food and Dogs
Dislikes: Politics and Cologne
Occupation: A list Celebrity
Backstory: Jane was born in texas to two loving parents. blah blah detail detail woop woop.
Desired Story Position: MC’s best friend or Antagonist.

Any submit will help me A LOT!


Sounds interesting and fresh! I can send my details later?


Name: Jessica Chan
Age: 18
Race/ethnicity: Asian American
Religion: None
Traits: Altruistic, overly idealistic, reliable, detail-oriented, cheery, control freak, affectionate
Likes: Reading, baking, (reasonably) arguing
Dislikes: Tardiness, traffic, math
Occupation: Student
Backstory: Jessica was born and raised in a charming small town in Northern California with her parents and two younger siblings. Having always dreamt of leaving her hometown to take her shot at becoming the revered lawyer her beloved late grandfather once was, Jessica finally has the chance to when she is accepted into Los Angeles University’s political science program. Jess’ grandpa has played a big role in her life from instilling a desire to help others to her driven persona. She can be annoying and forward at first but her positive disposition generally makes up for that.
Desired Story Position: Maybe one of MC’s friends or acquaintances?

Skintone: Gold 02
Nose: Round button
Eyes: Female generic (brown black)
Mouth: Small wide (pink beige gloss)
Hair: Long straight loose solid (black dark)
Face: Diamond long

I love the story idea, by the way! I’ve literally been deprived of historical/time travel stories for such a long time now so this story is something worth that’s the excitement.

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Name: Tessa Bomb
Age: 15
Race/ethnicity: African American
Religion: None
Traits: kind, excited, funny, I am good at helping my friends!:wink:
Likes: food and drawing
Dislikes: school!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Occupation: student
Backstory: Tessa was born in America. She lived with a brother and one twin sis!! And she always wanted to be a writer but her parents wanted her to be a doctor. It was difficult for Tessa to do what she wanted to do but at the end she succeeded in becoming a writer!
Desired story position: Mc’s best friend

Character details:
Hair: Straight (black dark)
Skin color: Copper 09
Eyebrows: Arched thick
Eyes: deepset downturned (black brown)
Nose: round broad
Mouth: full heart pouty

Clothes: you choose!!:wink::heartpulse:

Name: Heather Bemingsworth
Age: 23
Race/ethnicity: Arab
Religion: Islam
Traits: helpful, considerate, religious, friendly, intelligent, scared, lovely:
Likes: helping people, sorting out issues, fashion, school
Dislikes: negativity, racism, rude people, parties.
Occupation: medical student
Backstory: Heather and her mother arrived in America several years ago when her mother lost her hearing in a war. They arrived when Heather was about to start her tenure in kindergarten, and Heather has never been more occupied with school than she is right now. She wants to become a doctor to help her mother and cure her illness.

Character details:
Hair: Straight (black dark)
Skin color: Copper 03
Eyebrows: Arched thick
Eyes: deepset downturned (green)
Nose: round broad
Mouth: full heart

Clothes: Something that fits the criterea of a Muslim. Hijab

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Love the detail! I’m happy you’re excited, I’m excited too!

Name: Martina Ferrari.
Age: 17.
Race/ethnicity: Italian.
Religion: Catholic.
Traits: Funny, chic, caring, positive, says everything she thinks, honest but she judges people too often. She can seem like a mean girl, but she treats her friends like her own siblings.
Likes: Fashion, shopping, coffee.
Dislikes: Ginger, sandals with socks, rude people.
Occupation: Fashion Stylist and designer.
Backstory: Martina was born in Italy with two caring parents, but they moved to America when she was 4, because of her parents’ job. They are fashion designers and they own a company that designs dresses for celebrities. She doesn’t remember much about Italy, but she would like to return there one day. She lives with her boyfriend (I’ve got his details as well if you need). She’s got an older brother who is into fashion too.
Desired Story Position: MC’s best friend.


Skin colour: Neutral 03.
Face shape: Diamond.
Hair: She loves changing her hairstyle often: Long Down Wavy Princess Braid/Long Double Dutch Braids/Messy Sock Bun/Over Shoulder Braid/Sleek Ponytail (Light Brown).
Eyebrows: Arched Natural (Light Brown).
Eyes: Female Generic (Hazel Dark).
Nose: Defined Natural.
Lips: Small Heart (Rose Light Nude Gloss).


I couldn’t decide which outfit is better😂

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