Want to appear in my story? (Limelight)

Thank you!

You can use this character for any part you want if you need her! Her name is Elle and if you change her outfit to one we’re you can see her arms you can add any tattoo you like, she should have a lot of tattoos but you can only choose like one or two so… what to do.
She’s a pretty sarcastic person, this is because she’s actually not that well when it comes to mental health, it’s kinda like a defense mechanism, very textbook I know. She’s pretty friendly but has some anger issues, very passionate person.

Role: Orphan child

Personality: Shy, loves to draw, kindhearted, smart, sensitive.





Full name: Max Sedman
Role: teacher
Personality: Kind, passionate, thoughtful and helpful. Interests include, guitar, sport and reading.


Name: Simila

Hair: Wavy long, brunette brown

Face: Square defined

Eyebrows: Arched natural, dark brown

Eyes: Monolid slender, dark brown

Nose: Defined natural

Mouth: Small heart, pink beige gloss

Body: Rose03

(I forgot the exact name of the outfits, sorry, but here are the key words :sweat_smile:)

Top - Twist top green
Pants - Spandex pants, black
Shoes - Booties black

No accessories


Cold, distant, stubborn, funny, confident, charming, daredevil, quirky

Interested in becoming a cheerleader, if the last role hasn’t been taken already :wink:

@SakuraCheam @EllasStorys @Clevertimes @Gen17 @Simila100

Thank you so much for your submissions! I will add all of your characters and notify you when they appear in the story :heart:


Hey guys! Again, thank you for participating with my story. I’m currently finishing up the third episode and the story will go live soon.

Here is the following who will appear in the first three episode (keep in mind if your character is not included that I could be saving them for a specific scene later on):


Everyone appears in an introduction scene at the end of episode 1!
@Gen17 @SakuraCheam @EllasStorys @Jayl @Blue1994 @Lune @Ayu @AppleParis @xXMagicalUnicornXx @Clevertimes @Problematic_Patrick @inkkee @LaurelleE27 @Ash.Epi @Simila100




Cameo” A very short appearance with no speaking lines.
Appearance” A considerable amount of screen time, but not containing speaking lines.
Speaking” Character has dialogue in the story.

The first three episodes should be out later this week or the beginning of next week!
I will post a comment here when the episodes are live.
Thank you all again! :heart:



Looks like the release is going to take a bit longer than expected. I’m still waiting on some overlays to be approved, and I have come down with pneumonia. I haven’t really been able to leave my bed since Friday afternoon and still am not feeling that up to par, even on all the antibiotics and steroids.

Again, you have my apologies. I will try my hardest to work on it some this week, but it’s starting to look like the release will be the end of the month.

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I can’t believe I actually finished the third episode this month but…

Thank you all so much for being a part of my first ever story and I hope you all enjoy reading it as well as the roles your characters play.

@Gen17 @SakuraCheam @EllasStorys @Jayl @Blue1994 @Lune @Ayu @AppleParis @xXMagicalUnicornXx @Clevertimes @Problematic_Patrick @inkkee @LaurelleE27 @Ash.Epi @Simila100


OMG reading it rn! Excited! I’ll let you know what I think!

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All right, cool! I’ll read it tonight :slight_smile:

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I don’t care if she is either you can pick

Character: Shay Crawford
Skin:Neutral 03
Eyesbrows: Arched Natural Scar (jet black)
Hair: Short Wavy Side Shave (Black Jet)
Eyes:Deepset Downtured (blue deep)
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round button upturned
Lips:Full Heart Pouty (Rose matt)

Awh thanks hun! I appreciate it :two_hearts:

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Role: Teacher or best friend to the M/C
Personality: Protective of those she love but can be shy too., Loyal and sassy

Alessandra Detail:
Body: Neutral 02
Brow: High Arch Angled
Hair: Hair Flip
Hair Color: Medium Warn Brown
Eye: Deepset Downturned
Eye Color: Brown Pale
Face: Heart Defined
Nose: Grecian soft
Lips: Full Round Pouty
Lip Color: Pink Deep Matte

Female/Mother Outfit: Jogger Sweatpants Tie Waistband Khaki Blue Sky, 2nd Triester Pocket Collared Long Shirt Cotton Light Blue, Double Bow Sandal Flats Leather Red White, Noveau Gem Pendant Necklace Metal Silver, Diamond CLuster Bracelet Sapphire, Double Leaf Hanging Earring Metal Blue Navy

@ElizabethRose @Shay.the.writers
Thank you both so much! Your characters have both been added the teachers :heart:
I’ll notify you when they’re added in an episode but they will appear at the end of episode 1!

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I am no longer accepting roles for this story.

Thank you all so much for showing interest in being a part of my first story. :heart:

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the following thread!
Link to the story’s thread: 🌿 OUTCAST (First Story)

okay no problem