Want to be a character in my story? LIMELIGHT

Does anyone want to be a background character in my story? You would have one or two lines or would just be in the background.

If yes, just leave all of the character details (or a screenshot) and also write your name and instagram (or episode) username!

I will shout you out in a reader message when you appear on screen in the story.

I will reply to this topic once the story is published to let everyone know, and I will tell you what episode you are in.

Please note that I will do as many of your characters as I can, but I won’t be able to add them all!

Please also follow me on instagram if you want @episodevio!

Thanks so much:))



Profile Picture

Profile Picture


Name: Zara
Skin: Rose 08
Eyebrows: Arched Natural Scar, Deep Brown.
Hair: Short Wavy Ombre, Black Dark.
Eyes: Deepset Almond, Brown Black.
Face: Diamond.
Nose: Round Button.
Lips: Full Heart Pouty, Plum Gloss.

zara3 :blush:

Episode username: Goji

Katrina DeLaO
Insta: @tropical.hurricane.episode




Character: Hermione Cabrera


  • Body: Rose 01
  • Brow: Straight Medium
  • Brow Color: Black Jet
  • Hair: Long Feathered Bangs Blunt
  • Hair Color: Black Jet
  • Eyes: Round Downturned Wide
  • Eye Color: Brown Pale
  • Face: Diamond Defined Contour
  • Nose: Defined Natural
  • Lips: Small Heart
  • Lip Color: Red Deep Gloss


  • Open Multiple Bow Tied Sweater Cotton Grey Neutral
  • Button Up Denim Dress Denim Grey
  • Locket And Choker Necklace Metal Gold
  • Thin Heart Silver Earrings Metal Silver
  • lat Lace Up Sneakers Canvas Grey Cool Grey
    Instagram: @cheesybaconpizza

My name is Neha.
My instagram is: epy.neha (same as my forums lol)
My details are:
Skin: Gold 05
Brow: arched natural
Brow color: black dark
Hair: Long Wavy Blowout
Hair color: Brown black
Eyes: Deepset Upturned Wide
Eye color: Brown dark
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Button Upturned
lips: Full Heart Pouty
Lip color: dark apricot gloss
Sorry I don’t have a splash or anything like that. That would make things way easier :grin:
A pic of me:
The outfit pieces are: quilted pattern panelling belted open jacket leather grey black, pleated small belted waist high skirt cotton brown tan, flower tank pattern tank silk red cherry, flat canvas sneakers black white, pearl bracelet grey white, and locket and choker necklace metal gold.

Insta: @annszaa

Am basically a low-budget goth… So any gothy clothing works :joy:
Name: Keiragh
IG: thatwritingweirdo

No credit required. :black_heart:

Any particular outfit in mind?

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What would you like your name to be?

Would you like your character’s name to be Zara?

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GerlinEpisode (Insta,which I’m also writing a story :smiley:)
Neutral 02
Long Ponytail (Deep Brown color)
Round Medium Eyes (Deep Brown)
Round Medium eyebrows (Dark Black)
Full Mouth (Pastel Purple Gloss)
My name is Gerlin :smiley:



You can credit me coco.artt on instagram😊

Oops just realized that isn’t your name haha. What do you want your name to be?