Want to be featured in my story? (CLASSIC)

Hey! I’m looking for some new characters to appear in my story Accidentally Famous! It’s a about a girl who becomes famous by accident.

Story Style - Classic
Taking 10+ people
Send me CLASSIC features only!!!

Post looks here or send them to my instagram @gabriellebstories!

Once episode 4 is out, your characters should be in the story!

Giving credit in my story!

You can use my author character if you want:
Name: Savanna
Hair: Curly hair brunette or Bold Curls (brunette) - whichever you prefer
Face: Freckled (skin 2)
Eyes: Big eyes 3(blue)
Mouth: Full mouth (red)
Body: Skin 2

I have outfits too, if you want them.

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Thanks! And tell me the outfits!

The outfit that I used with Bold Curls was: the Black Frayed Anarchy Tank and Black Torn Tights (if you want shoes too use the SpikeBootieHeels in black)

you have two different descriptions, would you like this one or the picture?

yes the one in the picture please


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