Want to be featured in my story?



Want you or your character featured in my story? Just reply to this post with a pic of your character (limelight), a pic of the settings (hair, eye, face, etc), the name of your outfit choice (top, bottom, jewelry) and get a chance to be in my story! If u get selected I will privately pm and take to you about the dialogue. I WILL GIVE YOU CREDIT AT THE END OF THE EPISODE!
I need
-kids (any gender)



HAIR - short wavy ombre, chestnut brown
FACE - diamond
EYEBROWS - arched thin high, chestnut brown
EYES - female generic, grey cool
NOSE - grecian soft
MOUTH - full heart pouty, peach gloss
BODY - beige deep rose


HAIR: long straight loose bangs sideswept solid(deep brown)
SKIN: Beige rose
FACE: soft round
EYES: round downturned wide(black)
EYEBROWS: Arched thick(deep brown)
NOSE:Defined natural
MOUTH: Medium heart natural
LIP COLOUR: Rose matte


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What name would u like to go by?


And what would the name of your character be? And what is the outfit? Plz provide the names of each item :blush:


What is the name of the clothing pieces your character is wearing?


What name would u like to go by?


Got it! Ty




got it!


and what would u like to wear?


something blue, grey or black!




name: vivainha
Sorry, I don’t know the name for the outfit but I can share the screenshot :