Want to be friends?


Hey, I’m kinda new to episodes. I’ve been talking and getting know other people on this community for about 2 weeks I think. And there are alot of really nice people on here. But none are really my friends, so does anyone wanna be friends? If so you can email me at jenna.episode4812@gmail.com.


Hi! Wanna be friends :slight_smile:


Sure! Dont have any friends on here.


Sup I don’t mind being friends at all.


Cool! My insta in @episode.kaylasummers@gmail.com :upside_down_face:


Yay! Lol


Okay cool, but I dont have insta just saying!


Being friends sounds like fun. Maybe you should a group chat on the forums for forum friends so that you can keep them all together in one place and chat, share ideas, edits, etc.


Okay, Ill make one


Or do you want to just use this one?


Any place is fine. I was just giving ideas lol





How are y’all doing?


Im doing alright you




Doing good. Having smaller issues with code.




Hey Jenna, I just emailed you, hoping we can be friends :slight_smile: If anyone else wants to be friends email me at epi.obsessed1@gmail.com looking forward to talking to all youse :slight_smile:


also, my insta is @_.lxcysmith in case anyone wants to dm me


Hey, I just checked and I responded