Want to be in a group chat?

Hello everyone! I have been part of a group chat for a while now…and we have had some major events happen and nothing has been quite the same! Either way I am looking to rebuild!

If you want to be added like this post!




Me I guess

I thought that I was in this group chat…at least I was a while ago…I never removed myself…

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No after that we made a new group chat lol

And that one fell apart again so now I am trying to rebuild it

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Oh okay

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Me??? :confused:

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Yay ok

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I’m good…

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Okay… I would like to.

Can I? :eyes:

I need friends :grin:


I would like to be added!

I would love to join if you don’t mind or do you want to join my gc with @/Effie @/Iforgotmypassword @/sofia2 @/Lunar_Rose @/Elena1creates?

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