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Hi wanna sign up for my role play?!? It’s about fairy tail creatutres! Are you the daughter, son of the fairy godmother or one of the three little pigs come on sign up!

You may reserve only one character per person!

User: readerslivessouls
Name of Character: Claire Mercier
Age: 17
Gender: F
Sexuality (You can skip this if you want): Straight
Power (max: two): Power of sound and telekinesis
Where they are from: Dark
Bio: Claire grew up in the surburbs and was raised by her mother. At a young age, she was introduced to art. She started drawing and grew a passion for art- which remains in her lifestyle today.
Personality: Claire is a stubborn girl. Often portrayed as brave by others, but naive by some.
Faceclaim (must be real person, not anime or anything!):


Hi @RyRydoezepisode, and welcome to our dear RP community!

It’s always good to see new members in the community, and I am happy to see you are willing to share your ideas to make an RP in the forums. However, I also noticed this RP has the same plot as an already existing RP: Fairytaled || Official Roleplay || Part Three.

Cam Boulder


I know it’s not supposed to be princesses and princes it’s supposed to be minor characters


I’m sorry but you may have to talk to @EpisodeGirl about it. It seems the same concept, and as far as I know Fairytaled also has minor and/or obscure characters.


Ok i was thinking of just taking this down


@Sydney_H can you please close this thread thanks!



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: