Want to be in my story?

Hello i’m trying to write my first story (it’s not gonna be published soon, maybe in mid summer) This story will be about magic world. And if you want to be in my story you can fill this form (don’t be rude if i don’t take yours character, some chatacters will be used only for few scenes or episodes, some can be used as main) This story will be in INK style.

Name of your character.
Adult, teen or you can use numbers.
Character looks:
How yours characters looks
Outfit (you can add more than one)
Villain, hero or neutral?
Magic user or not?
What kind of magic she/he uses? (If magic user) (max 3)
Example. Ice, fire, iliusions
good traits,bad traits, and quirks
Straight, gay or bisexual?
Special request:
If you have some.
Forum or instagram name(For credits):

Sorry if my english is bad and you can’t understand something

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Hi can I pm you? For the details

Lili Mendes
Age: 20

Character looks:

Outfit :

Villian, hero or neutral : Ummm she is really nice so maybe a hero but definately not a villain.

Magic user or not?

What kind of magic she/he uses?
She can create fire and make sculpters out of it and if needed protects herself using it.
Also she can talk to animals and understand them.

She is very funny and witty. She is very quirky and badass. She is fierce and wears bright colours. She also loves all animals.

Straight, gay or biosexual: Straight.

Backstory: She has suffered from a mental illness (depression/anxiety) and recently recoverd. She lit a fire in her house and the house burnt down but she risked her life to save her dog (Archie, he is a springer spaniel.). Ever since then she has the magic of fire. And can speak to any animal. (You can change it however you want :sweat_smile: )

Special request:
Can she have a love interest during it?

Sorry if it’s bad, don’t feel pressured into using it.

Thanks :blush::heart:

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Yes you can

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About backstory i will change something, because in my story are two worlds: Earth (where people don’t have magic powers) and Tveroxia (where all people have magic powers and they choose what kind of powers they want to learn and use)

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ok no problem, thank you :blush:

Name of your character. Corbin
Age: 19
Character looks: https://image.ibb.co/d8AOYc/corbin_body.png
How yours characters looks:
Outfit (you can add more than one): https://image.ibb.co/hfkJzH/corbin_outfit.png
Villain, hero or neutral?: Villain (Or neutral, if needed)
Magic user or not?: Yes
What kind of magic she/he uses? (If magic user): Electricity maybe? (Cause I doubt you can make him turn into a bird like how he actually is lol)
Personality: Quiet, somewhat patient, and a little jumpy. He’s not too afraid to stand up for himself, unless it’s with his dad.
Good traits: He isn’t afraid to fight for what he believes
Bad traits: He can be a bit unreliable sometimes, as he finds his own interests more important than those of others
Straight, gay or bisexual?: Bisexual
Backstory: Corbin grew up in a house with his father in Tveroxia, his mother having not been around since after he was born. His powers scare him a little, though, and he doesn’t entirely like being the way he is. His father isn’t a great example for him, as he is verbally/emotionally abusive towards him, making Corbin a little bit spiteful towards him. !
Special request: I don’t have any. I look forward to your story! ^^

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I’m confused hes name crowe or corbin?

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OH sorry! It’s Corbin.

Name: Sarah
Name of your character. Galadriel
Age: 35
Character looks:
Outfit (you can add more than one)
Villain, hero or neutral? Neutral
Magic user or not? Yes
What kind of magic she/he uses? (If magic user)
good traits,bad traits, and quirks: Funny, sensitive, shy, and helpful
Straight, gay or biosexual? Straight
Backstory: Galadriel had learned about her powers just a few months ago, and is still learning how to use them.

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Name of your character: Ave

Age: Teen

Villain, hero or neutral: Neutral
Magic user or not: Magic User
What kind of magic she uses: She can emit an emotional aura into the place around her (like say she can make people sad or angry)

Personality: She’s quick-thinking, sarcastic and sadistic

Straight, gay or *bisexual: Gay (Lesbian)
Backstory: A pretty average life, grew up with a mum and a dad and has known about her powers for a long time. She hasn’t got that many friends due to her sarcastic manner, but a couple have stuck by her

Special request: She’ll come off as a mean person but she isn’t mean on the inside. She does a lot of eye rolling and does make mean comments a lot.



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character name: Phoebe
age: 14
character look and outfit: (I’ll put a picture)
villain, hero, or neutral (neutral/hero whichever is easier for you)
magic user or not magic user- (powers: animal morphing. She has trouble controling her transformations at times, especially when she is scared.

she is straight

personality: She is kind and sweet, but is easily frightened. She adores the color purple and loves to sing (and she has a beautiful voice)

backstory:Phoebe is from Texas. She is always nervous and lacks confidence cause her father is embarrassed to be her father, and she lives alone with him. He abuses her. He has threatened to kill her if she changes into an animal that was dangerous, such as a lion. Thankfully any rare time she has changed into a dangerous animal, it hasn’t been around her dad. She is so easily startled that just touching her from behind on the shoulder can have her turn into an animal. The most common one she turns into, especially when startled is a doe. However she is capable of turning into any other animal, when she is calm. which isn’t often

special request: If possible keep cursing to a minimum for my character.

Thank you for the opportunity.

btw if it is easier than a back up magic ability for phoebe i have is her being able to talk to animals.

Can you add screenshot of your character settings?

yes ( sorry I forgot that)


np. Hey would you mind looking at my story too?

Maybe if it’s not about school romance or bad boy. PM me your story


I wanna point out i am kind of a beginner so there may be a few glitches.

I’m beginner too. This will be my first story

How to credit you?