Want to be part of a new story?

I am working on a story right now and thought it would be a fun idea to ask people if they want to be involved! All I need to know is the following:

  • How you want to look (you can send a picture of your character)

  • Name (what you want to be called)

  • style of clothing you like (example may be edgy, girlie)

  • personality traits (you describe what you want your personality to be like or just name 2/3 traits)
    Hope to hear from you! :blob_hearts: :butterfly:


I’d love to be a part of it! :white_heart:

Character details (if you want a picture, it’s on my instagram highlights too under ‘details’):

  • Body: Female generic (Neutral 02)
  • Eyebrows: Straight medium (Dark black)
  • Hair: Short messy pony tail (Brown black)
  • Eyes: Female generic (Hazel dark)
  • Face: Round soft
  • Nose: Round broad
  • Lips: Full wide (Pink warm matte)
  • Additional feature: Beauty Mark Mole Eye

Name: Yas

Style of clothing: casual, edgy

Personality traits:

  • Introvert
  • Loyal
  • Creative / Imaginative

Are you on Instagram too? If you decide to make me a part of it, my ig is eurasia.episode :relaxed: Feel free to DM me!

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My characters deets

Lemon / Alexis or rename me!

I really like flowery kpop styled clothing :joy: but feel free to dress me how you please if you use me-

Oft okay, I’m usually pretty awkward and shy. I’m extremely clumsy , I’m also a insomniac so I don’t really sleep. I’m also very witty and love jokes, gotta love me cracking up at dad jokes.
Although people tell me irl I’m more cute online Im very random and sarcastic :joy: I’m pretty sarcastic irl too-
I love my food, I think people have pictures of me staring at food shhh I love to cook, bake do art all that stuff. I also can give good advice

Oft that was long can you tell I’m bored?

omg i’d be so glad :love_letter:

character details

personality traits :cupid:

loves making jokes(and laughs all the time hehe) , loud and enthusiastic, she’s shy at first, but once you get to know her, she wouldn’t shut up :flushed:

Awww, I love it! Have you got any socials or anything you want me to mention? :blob_hearts:

Hahha Amazing!, Have you got any socials or anything you want to be shouted out? :blob_sun:

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@eveningprimroses on forums should do! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: don’t worry about it if it’s too much of a hassle :love_letter:

Ok! Its not a hassle. :slight_smile: x

I will 100% make you a part of it! I am, I’m going to follow you right now mine is xlaylaepisodex

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Thank you so much, I’m honored! :white_heart: Just followed you, can’t wait to see what story you come up with :relaxed:

You can do LemonProductions on here or @Lemon_Productions on ig

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Hi hope I’m not too late

character details

Name: Chrissy
Clothing: edgy
Personality: quiet, understanding, sarcastic

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Hey! Thank you so much and no you are not to late! :blob_hearts: :blob_sun:
Do you have any socials that I can shout you out on?

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Thank you so much :blush:

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