Want to create a story? (Yes, you actually get to)

Yes, you actually get to create a story with this thread.
But here’s the best part. I’m gonna do all the writing work for you!
You get to create a short story that can fit into 1 (or maybe 2) episodes! All of the short stories combined are going to be 1 actual story, like 1 episode will be this story, another will be that story, and another will be this other story, ya get it?
All you have to do is fill out BOTH of these forms. You have to fill out both, or else it is going to be really hard to do your story. You must put your first AND last name OR your forum/episode name, so I know whose character is whose. You can submit multiple characters, but you would have to come back to the forums, click on the tab again, and do it all over again. If you email me through the forums, I can create default characters for you. You can also choose your genre, (ex. Romance, Drama, Horror, Comedy…). But I will not put in swear words, or scenes with intimate conduct because I don’t know what everybody is comfortable with.
These forms MUST include when you submit them:
Enough characters that I can make a scene with. I cannot make a scene with just one character. That’s weird.
Information about the beginning, middle (which should have a climax), and the end. As I said, you are the one writing this!
A plot twist, because all good stories plot twists,
(Optional) Links to any backgrounds/overlays you think would fit well with the story.
Also, if you want the characters to say anything in specific, please put in the “other details” column.
I’ll email you if your story is being made. I just assume that I have your permission with you submitting your form, so I don’t want any complaints, unless it is for a legitimate reason.
Thanks y’all!