Want to join a group of writers


Hello, my name is Rebecca but everyone calls me Becca I’m new to episode not like the app just the writing my own story part. I want to write my own story I have so many idea I just don’t know what to do with them. I was hoping if enyone wanted to be in a group and write I story with me. I don’t really know how this all group thing works but I would like to give it a try just because it’s really hard writing on your own at first so I would like to start in a group who has done writing episode stories before. I hope someone will be so kind to let me in their group bu I must say that I have never writen before well I started just couldn’t do it. I know the basic to episode so I’m not a total begginer. I am sorry if my english isn’t so good but it’s not my first language.

Please help,


Looking for a co-writer for a new story

you can come to my group!


Can I ask how does this group thing work cuz I never done it before and I looked at other comments and didn’t find anything interesting


okay I’ll try my best


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Hello I’m looking for a writing partner mby someon who is good at art and coding and has a lot of ideas




I am really good at art and I have a lot fo ideas


okay good you can message me her on episode or on my email - rebekakrois3@gmail.com




I need to go though! Does tomorrow work?


Yeah sure message me anytime