Want to know if anyone is from Argentina?

Hey! I wanted to know if there are Argentinian writers/readers? I’m from there and I’m curious since I don’t know anyone from Argentina since most user are native English speakers.


heyy I’m not from Argentina but I speak Spanish cause I’m from Spain


I’m not from Argentina but I’m from Uruguay :sweat_smile:

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Not from Argentina but I’m Honduran/American

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That’s cool! I would love to visit Spain one day :heart:

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Así que somos vecinas jajajajjaja

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No importa! Hola!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Pero ahora vivo en Nueva zelanda :persevere:

Ay que lindo!! Yo no veo la hora de irme a otro país, cada vez estamos peor acá

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Hahaha :sparkling_heart:

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