Want to make friends


Hi I’m Elsa ,I’m 16 .I’m new to this community n I have no friends .I’m December born n I think I’m not such a bad person to be with .if anyone’s interested u can send a message ,we can talk about anything we want .Right now I’m writing a story which happens to be my first ,so before publishing it I want a feedback ,an honest one .So if u have time please read my story n let me know how u feel about it .here’s the link. http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6372302334066688


I can be your friend!


Hi ,let’s start by introducing ourselves .I’m an Indian ,a college student .I love pets but don’t have any .I like reading ,singing n hiking My group is MPC .what about u ?? If u r interested I’ll give u my email address .N how’s my story ?? Did u like it please read it when u have time n tell me .


I’d be honored to be your friend


I like all sorts of sports and arts


That’s just great .I don’t watch sports but I like all sorts of arts


I like sports but don’t really watch them. It’s more fun to play sports than watching for me.


What’s ur age ?? What u do ?? What u like or what r ur hobbies ? Did u write any story ?? I’m here to read .N pls check out my story too


I’ll read your story after my exam


U didn’t give me ur intro n what exams r u writing now ?? R u a degree student??


I’m not a degree student and exams r next week so I gotta study






For which exams r u preparing so hard ?? Don’t tell if u don’t want to .




Oh .Best of luck!!


I would love to be your friend. I am 15 years old and am from India.


That’s just great .We can chat about anything we want via email .But could u tell me a lil more about you like your hobbies n other stuff .N please check out my story ,it’s my first story n I’d love to get a feedback from u before publishing it ,be honest about it .let me know if ever need any help


Here is the link to my review thread. Can you please ask for feedback there. So it will be easy for me to keep track of requests I have to do.


Btw I am Saasha. I love reading and writing. I also have an account on wattpad and one on inkitt. I love reading more and more books and I enjoy drawing as much.

But since last few days I love to write and I am writing at almost every free hour of the day.