Want to practice art

Hi i am a beginner artist
So i thought to improve my art
My example


Also i have some rules
• Please don’t rush me … it will take 1 week to complete 1 art … also i am beginner
•Don’t give me hard poses
•No side faces

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You know what I discovered is a great way to practice? 30 days challenges!!
It doesn’t matter if you draw every drawing on the right day, just draw whenever you want and feel like it :blush:

You could use like I did myself, one of your own personal OCs (original characters) or also a character that you particularly like.

I’ve started more than a month ago and I feel like I’ve already improved!!

These were the first kind of drawings I made

And then, after a month, keeping up with dedication I’ve accomplished to draw also these

If you’re interested in this kind of approach I can send you the list of prompts of the 30 days challenge that I am currently doing :hugs:

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