Want your character in my story (closed)

What form of credit do you want?

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Whatever relation that works best!
Name: Bella

Character Deets


To sum it up, basically she’s caring and passionate, but hot-headed. She’s an “on the spot” person; witty.
She doesn’t have a backstory because she’s my avatar, but I can either make one up or give you a character who does if you like :slight_smile:

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If you need another…
personally, funny but is a fighter if you get in her way :joy:
You can also change the name of ya want

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@Forever1201 is fine

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I will keep her like she is :slight_smile: also what form of credit do you want?

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I like the way this character sounds with the whole backstory it’s whatever you want whatever made up or not or she doesn’t have to have a backstory it’s up to you :smile:

Also what form of credit do you want??

My instagram laura_eps ty💕

I don’t need credit, but you can credit my insta @epi.belpix. Also since she doesn’t have a backstory, can she have a boo? :rofl:

Yes she can have a boo just tell me what he or she looks like lmao

Hey if you still need a character here is mine:



Personality : Sassy, Sarcastic, badass, doesn’t care about what people think, has good grades but when she has the chance to she skips school

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a cousin that is the same age perhaps?
name - scarlett (aka me hehe)
skin color - Light
brow - mature round
hair - straight (platinum blonde)
eyes - upturn feline (blue)
face shape - oval
nose - elven
lips - full round (blush)
i was thinking she could be witty, self-absorbed, and a bit of a showoff that loves to have fun. everyone believes this act besides your male main character, who knows that deep down she is a genuine, wholehearted soul.
backstory - she was bullied very badly in grade school and used this persona so she wouldn’t look weak.

:)) what credit do you want?? Thank you!

Thank you so what credit do you want?? :slight_smile:

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ofc angel !! you can credit me on @scarlettwrites.epy on insta <33

You can make him look however you want, but here’s his deets…
Name: Will
Skin: Light
Brow: Medium sharp
Hair: Cropped - fawn
Eyes: Gentle almond - taupe
Face: Diamond
Nose: Button
Mouth: Classic - Blush

My IG : the_best_psycho

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