Want your character in my story?



Hello there, dear earthling!

I’m in dire need of some good characters for my Limelight story.

But first, is this a good idea?: It’s about fairies in a reality show taking place in a boarding school, where basically, if you are too disliked, get in trouble way too much, or fail any of your classes you get kicked off the show.

  • Yes, it is!
  • No, it’s bland and uncreative.

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Thanks! :grin:


bump! please someone fill this out


I submitted my character :smile: good luck with your story, by the way.


Yay, finally! And thanks!




If you want I will create more characters.
P.S the character I just submitted is called Sasha


Yeah that’d be great


Alright! :slight_smile:


What people have been submitted?


@random_life @Drama_Queer I’ll start creating your characters now. Though, random_life, I’ll have to add some stuff (like wings, etc.), to your character, if you don’t mind!


is @random_life’s character a boy or girl?


You and @random_life are the only submissions as of now, and their character is a girl. :slight_smile:


Okay, I will make 3 girls and 5 boys! :slight_smile:


Wow, okay thanks!


no problem! Your story sounds amazing btw!


I’m glad it does, thank you!


no problem!


I’ve submitted mine I think this idea is really original btw I kinda submitted my avatar from my episode app account cause I love her so much but added different personality and stuff to me :two_hearts::slight_smile: Hope you get loads of good entries​:heart:


I am about to submit mine now. Your story sounds really fun!


Just made another female fairy! We should have enough females we just need males!