Want your character in my story?



@X_Ellie.Marie_X and @al3igh are your fairies boys or girls?


A girl x


I could make mine a male since you need males.


It’s okay if you made a girl or boy! We currently need 5 boys to fill up the slots, so if you can make boys please!


Alright I’ll finish up the girl now, then make a boy if that’s fine with you?


Yes, that would be great!


Would their outfits need to be like normal attire or fairy attire?


Fairy attire with wings


Okay, I sent in a boy!


I have to go to bed so I’ll make 1 more boy then leave, 3 more boys to make, guys!


Okay, I made another boy, now I have to go to sleep, night!


@al3igh Actually, it doesn’t matter to me. They can wear anything, really. :slight_smile:
Thanks all of you, I’ll tell you all when I’m done making the characters!


Alright. I sent in two different fairy entries. One male and One Female


@al3igh Okay thanks, I’ll most likely look over all the submissions tomorrow!

In total (counting the main character, my character Tara), I have nine. I’ll be closing the poll and form!


Yeah, that’s fine! I just made a random outfit that I liked, change whatever you want :blush: