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Done! :revolving_hearts:

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I’m nominated one of my favorite Story’s! :sparkling_heart:


i don’t have an instagram, so i cant follow you guys, but can i still fill out the form?

Yeah sure, we will promote the story

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okay great! thanks so much! :grin::grin: also, how does this work? do you pick a winner per category or do you pick a certain amount of stories? and how long does it take for us to get the results? :joy: sorry i like to be organized with information! :star_struck::grin:

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It is one per week, we pick the best story or the one with the most votes and promote. winners on friday

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okay great! thank you!

Title: The Academy
Autor: msl2696
Genre: Romance
Description: Audrey has started senior year out with quite the bang. What lengths will she go to, to save her reputation? Will it be worth it?
Episodes: 3 (Next one will be out sometime next weekend and update roughly once a week!)

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This a great idea, thank you for organizing this form :blush:
Unfortunately, I also don’t have instagram. Can I still fill out the form?

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Yes sure

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Hi there! :heart:
Title: Until We Meet Again
Genre: Romance + Comedy
Style: Ink
Description:The past 4 years of Raven’s life have been hell, but what happens when a familiar face comes back into the picture. (This story includes drama, action, comedy and MEMES.)