WANTED: An Artist

Hey there!

I’m looking for an artist you can make me some backgrounds, (overlays too if you can?), for my stories, specifically “Where Am I?” - one of my stories that you should check out.

Thanks to anyone who can!

(you can reply here or my email pandapanda.

p.s. I’ll give credit

I can do it.

Thanks so much! Should we email or talk here?

Thanks. :heart_eyes:

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Email me privately please. :blush:

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Yeah sorry, I just wanted to check out the diamond thread first. I don’t mind having more than one artist. I’ll give credit to everyone. Your’s and Shana’s artwork is amazing!

Thank you. :kissing_heart:

Wow! Your artwork is really good. I’m discussing with Shana rn. I’ll be back soon, bye. I have to go tho=ugh

I already gave my ideas for a background and art-scene to Shana. I have my faith in her, I’m going with her. Thanks for your offer though :kissing_heart:

You should still read my stories though, their in my About Me section. :grin: