WANTED: Idea Bouncer(s)/Motivator(s) [OPEN]

Hello there! I’m Mehek, and recently, I’ve managed to get myself back into writing (on Wattpad, not Episode just yet), and I’ve had some really great progress publishing shorts I’m pretty proud of.

However, I want to get to work on a long book, but I just can’t seem to work with any of my ideas longer than a chapter or two. This could be because my ideas suck, or this could be because I suck. I’d like someone or multiple people to help me address both.

I want someone/multiple people who can give me honest feedback on any ideas I bounce off them, help me develop things because sometimes I’ll have a certain phrase in my mind I like but can’t think of a direction to go in with it (you’ll get this when you see it, don’t want to release any right now), and when I start the writing process, I’ll need you to help me stay on schedule for writing (IE: check in on how far I am every so often, don’t listen to the excuses I will undoubtedly make, and push me to go on and not to give up- help me proceed with further ideas where I’m stuck). There may be multiple projects going on with me at once.


  • I’d prefer someone/people who’re 13 or older which should be a given- if you’re younger than 13, you shouldn’t be on the forums anyway. However, I’d also like someone/people younger than 20 because I want to hear things in the perspective of a teen, not a grown developed adult writer.

  • Be committed. If it isn’t working between us, we can talk like mature people and either work it out or move on. However, if you’re making this commitment, I expect you to be able to uphold it and although I understand life being busy, I’d like for you to be online at least a few times a week. If you can’t do that or think you won’t be able to in a few months, don’t volunteer.

  • Be 100% honest. I’m a big girl. You can tell me “this is an absolutely terrible idea, I hate it, and I’d rather read literally anything but this” or “you really need to find time if you expect to be able to finish this- you can’t just put things off forever Mehek, it won’t work if you want to be a writer” and I won’t hate you- the opposite in fact, I believe negative feedback helps me improve and I’ll trust you more for giving it to me. Just don’t be like really really really bully-level mean. If you tell me you love it, I want a reason. If you tell me you hate it, I also want a reason. If you consistently tell me positive things, it won’t work because let’s be real, I’m not that good.

  • Have a Discord account you check regularly.

I don’t know exactly how many people I want. Depends on the amount of interest- at least one, maybe up to fourish. I will be willing to give you feedback and help you with everything I’ve listed above in return for you helping me. If you’re interested, post your Discord user/tag below, or DM them to me on the forums. I look forward to working with you!

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I’m on everyday

I need your Discord user/tag :slight_smile:

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my cousin have discord I sometime use hers

I will create one right now

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bump bump- I still need someone :slight_smile:

me I’m open

You never gave me your Discord username/tag?

Hey, I fit all the criteria- but I don’t use my discord account. I don’t have enough space on my phone to get the app and it’s just something I always forget to check. I’m not really into the interface honestly, do normal PMs on the forum work for you? I also got an instagram if you’re into dms. I also have wattpad. (I’m more of an ao3 user now but my wattpad account is still sitting around)
Also, it’d be cool if you could give some of my ideas a look too, I’m more of a thousand-projects-at-once guy too haha.
Anyway, I’m sure your ideas are better than you give yourself credit for. PM me sometime.

Hi! I don’t do Instagram, but either forum or Wattpad DMs work for me- let me know which you prefer :slight_smile:


I need the username AND the numerical tag after it to be able to friend you

Forum dms are fine with me.

perfect! I’ll message you with a pitch I’m refining either later tonight or tomorrow morning

Alright, sounds good!