WANTED: Opinions About My Work



Hello, everyone! It’s Briar here! (or Bri Bri as @EpisodeHelpers would say!) And I came today to present an intro splash for my very first book on Episode, Identified Incognito made by me but I need your help! Your opinion means so much to me and I would love if some would give me your precious thoughts! Say #1 for pic. number one and #2 for pic. number two.

Thanks for all!
Briar Rose


I think I prefer #1 because there’s more contrast between fonts. A lil’ bit more aesthetically pleasing, in my opinion :slightly_smiling_face:


I prefer the first one, gj Bri.


I think I prefer the 1st one too, I think it appeals better with 2 different fonts that still match with each other.


Icredible! Good job, @Episode.BriarRose


i like the first one #1


I like the first one too


@Jeremy/@Ryan please close this thread! I’ve had all the opinions needed!