WANTED: Overlay of this arm, mirrored

Hi, and can anyone cut out his right arm (our left) without losing too much quality. I also need it mirrored so it faces the other way. Only from fingertips to elbo… Thanks ahead of time!

COLOR: Rose 03

I can do it! Can you send me the clothes and the animation names please?

Ah, youre the best!
The purple shirt is : Open Collar Button Up Cotton Plum
The orange shirt is : Collared Shirt Cotton Orange Tangerine with smart Watch Plastic Grey Black
And both have Full Body Hair Black :slight_smile:
Animation is : talk_armsraised_neutral

Are these okay?

First arm

Second arm

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Oh my gosh yes, thank you so so much for helping me out again :smile:

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No problem at all, happy to help :blob_hearts: