WANTED: Someone to discuss ideas with :)

Hey! Not exactly looking for a ‘writing partner’ per say…

I’ve not consistently been a part of this community since the pandemic and the majority of the people I used to bounce ideas off of have since left, as well. I’m looking for someone, or a group of someones, to discuss some ideas with. I’ve got a bit of a crazy idea that probably needs quite a bit of reining in. Preferably looking for someone who’s a little older. I’m also willing to assist someone with their story. I can offer coding help and cat pics in return so maybe it could be mutually beneficial? :sweat_smile:


Hey, I can help if you want to bounce some ideas around : )

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I’d be so down to help. What age are you talking when you say “a little older”?

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Thanks! I’m 22, so preferably over 18. :sweat_smile:

So AS an 18 year old, do i fit the bill?

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Yes!! Absolutely :sweat_smile: I’ll DM you.