Wanted to share this 🤣

Hey! So when I’m too tired to finish writing an episode to a story, I usually write a short paragraph at the end so I don’t forget any idea (which ends up looking like a toddler wrote it because I’m usually too tired to spell properly)
And then I save it, and I always get that error “Unexpected Garbage” :rofl: worst thing is that it makes me so mad, Imagine writing for a few hours, then trying to go to bed and having “Garbage” as an error? :rofl: I always get weirdly offended and pissed off at the whole thing, but I just realized how silly that was and decided to share. Also, just got that error now, so I hope this post isn’t as weird as that last paragraph I wrote in my script, I don’t know, I’ll leave now, bye bye


I also find the garbage error hilarious lol

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I know this has always irritated me, when I read it I’m like garbage? Excuse you.


Lmao exactly!

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I hate it when they say unexpected garbage. I mean, they could just say unexpected words or something.

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