Wanting more characters bodies and options


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I’m not sure about anyone else but I do wish there were more options on bodies for characters. You know, kids, teens, cripples, fat people, extra.

Just seeing who else agrees and disagrees.


I 100% agree! I don’t think most people look anything like the Episode characters. I really enjoyed seeing the Athletic body type used in Eclipsis. I wish we had more options. Not just with body types, but also with customization like hair, facial features, makeup, etc. I think it would be really neat if Episode came out with something like the Sims where you can edit your body.


100% agree, it’s difficult to create stories where people have insecurities if the characters look the way they do and it doesn’t make sense that people have been asking for this since the very beginning of the episode app and they haven’t done anything about it


True but I feel like people will abuse this feature in a negative way Like people will probably be putting the plus sized people or the “fat people “ as the “nerds,” or setting stereotypes for them. I’m just saying :woman_shrugging:t5:


Possibly…But that isn’t real life. I know lots of “popular” people who are considered “fat” and “ugly” and many “nerds” who are “beautiful” and “thin”. I would love to see the media break out of the stereotypes. The truth is just the mass majority doesn’t look like Barbie and Ken dolls. It’s one thing if the art style is more cartoony, but if it’s supposed to resemble real people, then they should have more options. I forgot to put this but I completely agree with kids. It’s just weird seeing “children” in Episode who have boobs, abs, and weird body proportions.


Can show support for those features:

Body Shapes:

Adding children and teens:


Adding a wheelchair:

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I completely agree. I don’t like how every character has a perfect body with no imperfections.

Btw, please don’t use the term “cripple,” it’s a slur.




I agree. In real life everyone is different so I think they should have things like that in episode to adjust different things