Wanting to learn how to be an episode writer

Hi, I have loved reading episode stories for years now and I have always wanted to write my own…but i have no idea how to even start. Can someone please be my mentor/guide on making an episode story…from planning a story to coding and more.


pm me if you are still looking for someone! :smiling_face:
I have an experienced to guide someone at 1st :sweat_smile:

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you can check joseph evans tutorial on you tube … they are very helpful


joseph evans on youtube really helped me when i was starting out.

if u search episode tutorials on yt you’ll find loads of different ones

you can message me if u have any coding questions :heart:

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i really recommend tutorials on youtube! you can search them on youtube, and find multiple of them - my personal favorites are episode notes, episode tv, and joseph evans <3

on the writer’s portal, they also tend to provide a tutorial for getting started as well



For learning to code, my website has a ton of guides to learn from and a bunch of templates to use

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