Wanting to live in the US

Hey guys,

So I’ve been thinking, I live in the UK (england). i obviously love living here it’s a very calm and beautiful place to live. Although since I was young I’ve always wanted to move to the US (specifically California) because I feel like everything is just better there :rofl: I guess from what I See in the media and such. I know that there’s also some negative things about the us. And what I’ve heard of that there’s some SOME nice states to live and and some bad states to live in.

If you live in the US can someone tell me if living in the us is actually good? If that makes sense lol.



I live in California lol. I mean the seasons all around are wonderful here and climate is mild. But truthfully that’s like the only good thing I can say. :joy:

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It depends for what you are coming for.
But in my opinion I live in CA and I would not really recomend it but idk

I heard it’s hella expensive to live in California, but I could be wrong.


Lol the seasons are getting mess up because of climate change

It might be in LA, but where I live not really. But yah climate change is a real thing

Yeah it is

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Sorry my reply came off as wrong. I meant more like climate change is happening but where I live we are not really feeling the affects.

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Yeah lol I understood it that way

But I feel like the school system in the US isn’t THE best (if we’re talking about high schools particularly)


I live in New York.

And where I’m from, we like bacon egg and cheese sandwiches, Mucho mango Arizona, Timberlands…

Schools aren’t the best, and some places are crazy.


California is one of the most expensive states to live in, but no one earning minimum wage can afford to live alone in any US city so that’s something to think about. Also California is on a fault line so it could sling shot off the west coast at any moment.


And hearing that the uk has better education than the us kinda turned me off >.>

I think the droughts and subsequent wild fires progressively getting worse every year would disagree.

honestly, most people in the us care about their individuality very much and some can be very solitary. i’m originally from south korea, and asian countries are known for their family-oriented lifestyles, so when i moved to the us it was a big change for me. in high school, mostly everyone is tired & stressed and it’s not like those cliche high schools on famous american tv shows or movies.


Well now I’m now debating whether I want to live there. But I feel like ill have a 20% chance Of living there. But I definitely want to visit there.

If you have the option, taking a road trip through the US even if it’s only a few states is insanely fun, interesting, and can be done pretty cheaply. Every state/city/town has its own culture, historical sites, cool places to explore, people to meet etc.


I am not an american so my opinion may not be as valid but still wanna share it

here is a reason not to move there if you wanna be and US citizen. hospital prices. you break a leg and are in debt forever.

there is a lot of other reason too. I always grew up with the idea in the head USA is so great. but becamin in adult i realise how broken their society is. medical care is overpriced. the university is also overpriced. the staff many places is underpaid.

also guns

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Yeah I heard that the healthcare is definitely not free, in the uk it’s free which is also a disadvantage for me wanting to move there. I think I’ll just visit there :thinking:.

And America with their guns also put me off too.

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