Wanting to meet new people!


Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to Episode as I downloaded the app in January. And I would really love to connect with and meet new people through Episode! :blush::heart:


Heyyo I’m Chocolate Mama but you can call me chocolate or Choco hahahahaha so it’s nice to meet you though. I’m mostly rping but I’m also around a lot. I’ll be willing to talk whenever.


What’s up chocolate! Love your profile picture by the way! And it’s all good I am boring too! We can be boring together! :blush:


Hahahaha thank you ma friend/forum daughter in law made it for me.


Hiiiii :hugs:
I am aya , as you can see on my profile name😂 and I love cakes😋


Hey, I’m JemU776 and chocolate is my soulmate XD
Nice to meet you lovely!
I hope you have been enjoying your time here :wink:
P.S, check this out:
Have an amazing day! :sunglasses:


Oh wow that’s fantastic! :sunglasses: There are a lot of creative people here!


Hiii! And yes cake is yummy!


:yum:though it’s mine​:hugs: ask @Chocolate_Mama to give you​:smiley:


Hi it’s nice to meet you as well! Thank you! Have a good day as well! :heart:️:blush:


Sure is!


Welcome to this really weird fun forum!


Hey, I already say you in the other topic. But yea same here…
So if you wanna chat you can always drop me a message ! :slight_smile:


Hiii, I’m Once, and a roleplayer, reviewer, and proofreader on the forums.

It’s nice to meet you! :3


Haha! :joy: Oh ok :wink: I think I’ll pass on the cake!


Thank you so much for replying! It is nice to meet you as well!


Thank you so much! I am honored! I can be a bit weird myself! :joy:


Cake is mine​:yum: I can share though :hugs:


Thank you so much will do!!!


Hmm?! Well what type of cake is it? :thinking: