Warning and Cover background

I am new to episode and just now decided to publish my first story. But, I need a warning and cover background. Can anyone help me please?

I can, message me what you need :slight_smile:

hey! i could help you make a warning splash. just let me know the details :yellow_heart:

you could visit this thread for examples ==> Sophbee's Art Request Thread | V2.0 | CLOSED TEMPORARILY

thank you!

Thanks, and i guess just a warning for mature themes and language

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I think i figured out how to make my own cover lol

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sure, any preferred background or font? what genre is your story?

Nah, and mainly romance

The title is called Bad Girl at the New School if that helps any

okay, give me a few minutes

thank u

here you go. if you’d like any changes, let me know! hope you’ll like it.

credit : @Sophbee on forums/episode

thank you :yellow_heart:

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looks great…thank u…can u tell me how to add it to my story?